The Saskatchewan Jazz Festival wrapped on a high note Monday night with organizers expecting record breaking attendance this year.

"It's been astounding really in terms of growth and people coming," said Jacqueline Conway, the festival's director of marketing and promotions."

"We're estimating closer to 100,000, but we'll have the real figures a few days after the actual event, but we had great sell outs."

The festival also offered more performances this year, nine shows up from six to on the main stage, with Ziggy Marley and Serena Ryder selling out quickly.

"There's more and more demand for cultural events like this and really high calibre artists coming into town," said Conway. "People want to see it, people will support it. It's been really inspirational for us as an organization and just motivates us to up the ante."

People at the festival said the event offers a sense of community that's not always easy to find when it comes to live music.

"I have been to a couple music festivals, like rock kind of festivals and yeah it is just definitely not the same," said Mayce Achtemichuk. "I think it is because this is more intimate - the music is just so great and everyone is just happy."

That intimate feeling created by the Jazz Festival could be the reason big name artists such as Metric and Macy Gray come back to the city year after year.