Saskatchewan is getting poor marks for overall health, according to a report from the Conference Board of Canada.

The latest report from the Ontario-based think tank, released Thursday, gives the province a D overall after combining 90 factors.

Those factors range from lifestyle issues, such as smoking and drinking, to the availability of doctors and specialists.

Not all the marks are bad — Saskatchewan got an A for safety, for example.

But Ds were awarded in health care system effectiveness, physician satisfaction, and medical equipment, such as MRI machines and CT scanners.

"We looked at heavy drinking for example, Saskatchewan was a C," said Gabriela Prada, the report's lead author said.

"Overweight or obese populations — again, a C. But the Ds were mostly in smoking and fruit and vegetable consumption."

The neighbouring province to the east, Manitoba, also rated a D overall.

However, to the west, Alberta and British Columbia both got As.