It's been a frustrating week for Jared Ruf.

Twice in the span of a few days, a large quantity of perogies, cabbage rolls and other baking from Ruf's co-owned Saskatchewan food processing business, In Good Taste, was stolen from their outside storage freezers, he said.

The first theft happened overnight Monday, he explained. Then on Thursday morning, he got a call telling him that someone had broken the new locks on the freezers and taken off with more goods sometime overnight Wednesday.

"I'm definitely nervous. This happened twice and we're very worried that one of these nights it will happen again," he said on Friday.

"It's a family-run business and we work very hard to make the business survive, and I wish they could understand the work that we put into making this business happen. To just roll in and take everything like that is very frustrating and maddening."

Ruf wouldn't say exactly how much was taken or what the financial loss is, explaining he is still counting through inventory and dealing with the insurance company.

Besides reporting the incident to the RCMP and installing new locks and a surveillance system, Ruf has also taken to social media in hopes that anyone trying to resell the goods will be caught.

He said locals in Togo, Sask., where the business is located, feel angry because there isn't much crime in the small community, which is about 240 kilometres northeast of Regina, near the Saskatchewan-Manitoba border.

Ruf said his business has had to bring in staff to reproduce everything that was stolen to fill upcoming orders.

"There was plenty of other work we had to do this week that's been pushed back now, and that's become one of the biggest pains is having to deal with all of your time being eaten up by it and, of course, your product loss," he said.

"I feel like I should camp beside the building and wait for them there."