It's been a stressful few days for residents of the St. Paul's nursing home in Melville, a city hit hard by flooding.

With rising flood waters threatening, St. Peter's Hospital patients were transferred to Esterhazy and Yorkton.

Meanwhile, 126 elderly residents were evacuated from St. Paul's.

They're now taking refuge at the Horizon Credit Union Centre, the local hockey arena.  

It's not an easy time for them, but care aid Glenn Stecyk has been trying to raise their spirits. 

He's been bringing his dog Kilt to work with him. 

"He's actually a good therapy dog," Stecyk said. He's good with the residents, you know. He jumps on their beds, jumps on their laps. They really like him."

Stecyk says the dog is a distraction from the flood, which swamped Melville after the southeast received 100 to 200 millimetres of rain over the weekend.

"Kilt, he comes here, he goes from resident to resident, it kind of takes the distraction of what's going on, you know, of the flood and everything."

Psychiatric nurse Leanne Huber says when the storm hit, a lot of people's stress levels went up and many had questions about their loved ones.

"Was their family safe? Where were they? Was there proper nurse care?" she said. "So, it was really good that we were here to help and able to divert some of the crises that were going on at the time."

Premier Brad Wall says this year's flooding will have a greater cost for the province than the floods of 2011. That year, costs totalled $360 million.

Meanwhile, the Melville care home evacuees got some good news Thursday morning — word came that they can leave the hockey rink and go back to St. Paul's.