For Saskatchewan farmers, 2015 was a good time to be a lentil grower, a not-so-good time to be a wheat grower.

According to Statistics Canada's crop production report, released on Friday, a record was set for lentil production. 

The 2.2 million tonnes of lentils harvested in 2015 represented a 17.5 per cent increase over last year. 

It was also a good year for canola, with a 10.4 per cent increase to 8.8 million tonnes in 2015.

Barley production was way up — the 2.9 million tonnes in the bin represented a 31.8 per cent increase over 2014. 

However, total wheat, dry peas and mustard showed declines.

Production of wheat, Saskatchewan's biggest crop, decreased 7.9 per cent to 13 million tonnes.

It could have been worse, however, if the dry conditions of the spring and early summer had continued. Instead, late summer rains improved conditions, although per-acre yields were down for many crops compared to recent years.