More than 245 combines cascaded across the prairie landscape near Saskatoon on the weekend, trying to break a world record for the most combines in the same field harvesting at the same time.

The event, organized by Harvest For Kids, occurred Saturday in a field about 25 kilometres north of Saskatoon on Highway 12.

The previous record was 208 combines harvesting at once, and organizers said the evidence will be sent to Guinness World Records to make it official.

"Two years ago we started talking about this, so we've actually been planning that whole time. Making sure we got our stuff in a row and away we go," said Derek Unrau, projects co-ordinator for Harvest for Kids.

Sonya Meier drove one of the combines. She said people pulled together to make the event happen in the effort to break the record. "Whenever something happens in Saskatchewan, if something happens to a family and they need some help, everyone rallies. That's the Saskatchewan tradition to rally together to get things done."