Saskatoon is growing faster than any other city in the country, according to Statistics Canada. (CBC)

Saskatchewan has two of the fastest growing cities in Canada, Statistics Canada reports. 

Saskatoon is a the top of the list, and Regina is tied with Vancouver for No. 2.

Saskatoon saw more than 7,200 people move to the city between July 2009 and June 2010, the national statistical agency reported.

An immigration expert in Regina says the province seems to understand the importance of bringing immigrants to Saskatchewan.

"We really have wonderful provincial immigration laws," said Linda West of Actyl Immigration in Regina.

"The Saskatchewan immigration nominee program is one of the programs that really is aimed at attracting people into Saskatchewan."

As of April 1, Saskatchewan's population was estimated at 1,054,000, an increase of just over 1,900 (+0.2%) compared with Jan. 1, Statistics Canada said in a report issued on June 22.

The province's increase was tempered by a net outflow (-600) from interprovincial migration. It was Saskatchewan's first net outflow in its exchange with other provinces since the third quarter of 2006, the statistical agency reported.

Canada's population was estimated at 34,349,200 on April 1, up 70,800 (+0.2%) from Jan. 1.