The Saskatchewan government is asking the Federal Court to quash an order to block the flow of salt water into Lenore Lake — the latest development in a long-standing dispute.

Most of Saskatchewan's lakes are fresh water, but some, particularly in the east-central area, have high salt levels. Each spring, salt water spills out of Houghton Lake and flows into Lenore Lake.

The federal government says that harms fish and has ordered the province to stop the flow.

The provincial agency, the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority, says it wants to save the fish and has complied with the May 10 order, but is worried about costs and upstream flooding, so it's challenging it.

Not everyone is happy with that, however, including Joseph Bourgault, who's a member of the Lenore Lake Environmental Protection Committee.

"This is a waste of taxpayers' dollars," Bourgault said.

"Here we are using our own taxpayers' dollars to destroy an incredibly valuable fishery just because of mismanagement on the part of the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority. It makes no sense at all. None whatsoever."

Bourgault said he hopes someone in the provincial government will intervene, and stop the Federal Court challenge.