don morgan

Education Minister Don Morgan told CBC News earlier this week that the French school board has maxed out its credit line and owes millions. (CBC News)

The Saskatchewan government is asking the provincial auditor to look into the books at the province's French-language school board. 

The Conseil des écoles fransaskoises (CEF) has been in the news lately for financial troubles.

For instance, the CEF recently advised teachers it might not be able to pay them on time.

That got Education Minister Don Morgan's attention, and now he wants the auditor to review the governance and financial management at the CEF.

The body that oversees the CEF, Conseil scolaire fransaskois (CSF), said it will co-operate fully with with the provincial auditor, but also said there was already an audit done in 2012-2013.

CSF president Andre Denis said the conseil has undertaken concrete actions to stabilize the CEF’s financial situation and to achieve a balanced budget in 2014-2015.