Pelican Narrows

Pelican Narrows, Sask., is about 120 kilometres northwest of Flin Flon, Man. (Google Maps)

A two-year-old boy who had been missing for a day in northern Saskatchewan has been found in good health.

Pelican Narrows RCMP said the child was found about a kilometre behind Opawikoscikan School on Monday afternoon.

He had been missing for about 24 hours before 24-year-old Jeffrey Custer and 17-year-old Kenny Canada went into the bush as part of the search effort and found him.

Custer said it was the boy's own cries that led them to him. 

"We were standing there in the rocks and I could hear this talking," Custer said. "He stopped crying for a while and I called his name and he cried again."

The little boy was wearing only a t-shirt and had apparently spent the night outside, although fortunately the overnight temperature was a relatively warm 19 C.

He had minor cuts and bug bites, but was otherwise in good health, the RCMP said.

He was taken to the Angelique Health Centre in Pelican Narrows where he was treated. 

The child is in the care of the Ministry of Social Services, the RCMP said.