Style Dayne grew up on a ranch in southern Saskatchewan but his face will be on movie screens across the world.

Dayne plays Jeremy the pizza guy in the monster-hit movie Deadpool.

"When I shot my scene, I didn't think it was that big of a deal. I haven't really thought about it until I went to the screening last week," Dayne said.

"Since then, it's been this rollercoaster of things that have been happening in my life and my career. It's surreal."

Dayne grew up in Assiniboia, a small town about 110 kilometres southwest of Moose Jaw. He moved to Vancouver to pursue his acting dreams.

When he got the role in Deadpool, he didn't realize the high-profile role his character would play in the story. That meant that Dayne spent a whole day shooting with Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds.

"He is the most gracious, the most giving, the most spontaneous and the most nuanced actor I've ever worked with," Dayne said.

"He's the first one that's ever really paid attention to how I was doing on the day."

Film Review Deadpool

Deadpool features nudity, violence, and sexual content, but not in the duration, frequency, or tone that would warrant an 18A rating, says Alberta's movie ratings manager. (Joe Lederer/Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp/Associated Press)

For Dayne's role he was required to do a bit of stunt work, and after every take Reynolds would make sure he was okay.

"That was the best experience I could ever ask for," Dayne said.

Moving forward in his career, Dayne said he will remember Reynold's kindness, and make sure he applies it to everyone he works with.