A green carpet is now underfoot in the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan. (CBC)

A green carpet is now underfoot in the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan, a change in colour from red which had been the choice ever since the building opened a century ago.

Nancy Heppner, a member of the legislature for the governing Saskatchewan Party, noted Wednesday that the colour choice should not be viewed as partisan matter. The Saskatchewan Party's official colors are green and yellow.

"I think green is the colour of Saskatchewan," Heppner said. "It's the colour of the Riders and I think it reflects us as a province not just our party colors."

Green is also the traditional carpet color for most provincial legislatures in Canada and the House of Commons, in Ottawa.

Heppner also suggested the new colour may temper any raucous tendencies of politicians.

"It'll be quite a bit different," she said. "Red's a very angry color, so maybe it'll calm us down a little in the chamber."