Leanne Severight, 37, has been found guilty of assaulting a police officer. ((CBC))

A Saskatoon woman who was shot by police has been found guilty of assaulting an officer.

Leanne Severight, 37, was also found guilty of carrying a weapon that is dangerous to the public.

The judge handed down his sentence in a Saskatoon courtroom on Wednesday morning.

"You know, it's a case where the court quite strongly said today police officers have a very difficult job to do. In a case like this they're put in a very difficult position and this has had some long-lasting effects on those officers," Crown prosecutor Cory Bliss said after the verdict.

Severight's lawyer Nicholas Stooshinoff said the judge has a lot to consider before sentencing.

"The behavior of my client, her obviously apparent distraught state of mind at the time, are all factors."

Severight was charged after an incident on a Saskatoon street in December 2007.

She was allegedly holding two knives and was ordered to drop them by police. She was then shot by an officer who said she was moving forward in an aggressive pose.

Severight survived the shooting and was charged with carrying a dangerous weapons and assault.

During the trial, the defence argued a distraught Severight was trying to commit suicide by police and was not a real threat.

Crown prosecutors argued she was angry, erratic and a threat to officers.

The Crown says it is seeking jail time for Severight. She is scheduled to be back in court on Sept. 21.