Pearl Lutzko was born Feb. 15, 1899, and is now noted as Canada's oldest citizen. ((CBC))

A Saskatchewan woman now has the distinction of being the oldest known living Canadian.

Pearl Lutzko, who turns 112 on Feb. 15, moved into the notable category Sunday, following the death of a Manitoba woman — her elder by one week.

Lutzko, born in what is now Ukraine, lives at the Ituna Pioneer Lodge about 150 kilometres northeast of Regina.

On Tuesday, part of her day was spent playing bingo with fellow residents of the lodge and nodding politely at inquisitive news reporters.

While she wasn't able to fully engage in a conversation, it was apparent that age was really just a number.

Her son, Nick, who is 94 and still lives in his home just down the street from the lodge told CBC News he visits his mother every day.

He said genetics likely played a role in the family's longevity.

"It's great to have your mother live that long," he told CBC News Tuesday. "You know she was on her own until '03. In her home. Then she moved here."

Lutzko's family spans five generations. Her granddaughter, Verna Adamiak, 68, runs a restaurant in Ituna and says everyone is proud of their matriarch.

"You know, it's quite exciting really," Adamiak told CBC News Tuesday. "It hits home. You hear it and after a little bit you know, hey it's really something."

Plans are already underway for a notable 112th birthday celebration in February, for a life that spans three centuries.