To protect children, Saskatchewan should follow other provinces and ban smoking in cars, an anti-smoking advocate says.

Ontario recently passed a law prohibiting smoking in vehicles where children are present and Manitoba has introduced a bill to do the same.

Making cars smoke-free is one of the Canadian Cancer Society's main recommendations to the Saskatchewan government, said Donna Pasiechnik, a provincial spokeswomen for the agency.

Laws prohibiting smoking in cars carrying children carrying children have also been adopted in Alberta, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador, the agency says.

An Ipsos-Reid poll from February 2008 suggested that 71 per cent of people in Saskatchewan would support such a law.

"People seem to understand how dangerous tobacco smoke is for children because they are so small and because they breathe faster and their immune systems are more susceptible to second-hand smoke," Pasiechnik said. 

"We believe this is an important issue and it is one of our prescriptions to reduce tobacco use."

Saskatchewan Health Minister Don McMorris said his ministry is working on an overall plan for tobacco reduction, and controls on smoking in cars haven't been ruled out. The plan will  be finished in time for the March provincial budget, McMorris said.