Gender Revolution along with It's Time4Rights have set up a Gender Library at Saskatoon's Farmers Market as the start of Transgender Awareness Week. (Facebook)

A Saskatoon group is holding an event called Gender Library to kickoff Transgender Awareness Week at the city's Farmer's Market Sunday. 

The event has people with different gender identities answering questions from the public about their experiences. 

"We're going to have a few gender-diverse individuals sitting at a table at the Saskatoon Farmer's Market, so any of the public who are interested and curious can come talk to us," said Miki Mappin, who is part of the the Gender Library. 

Mappin hopes people will feel comfortable asking any question including the stereotypical ones. 

"Things like, oh I don't know, 'Have you finished your transition?', questions which are considered to be impolite sometimes, 'Have you had the surgery?'," said Mappin. 

Mappin said even though Canadians live in what's considered a tolerant society, that acceptance hasn't fully manifested towards transgender people, since many still suffer discrimination. 

"Transgender people are being discriminated against in the workplace, they don't necessarily have equal access to health care, we have problems often with housing," said Mappin. 

"Young transgender people often because of the lack of acceptance from their families and their schools have really, really big hurdles. We have the highest statistics as a group for suicide, and these things are all because of a lack of acceptance from society." 

Several other events will take place throughout the week, including a trans flag raising at Saskatoon's City Hall on Monday, and a rally at Saskatchewan's legislative building in Regina on April 5.