Saskatchewan's justice minister says he supports a Nova Scotia initiative for tougher federal rules against cyberbullying.

Gord Wyant said Tuesday he'll back Nova Scotia Justice Minister Ross Landry in his call for tougher provisions in the Crimimal Code to deal with online harassment.

Discussion about the issue has heated up following the death of Rehtaeh Parsons, 17, of Cole Harbour, N.S.

She was taken off life support April 7, after trying to take her own life a few days earlier. Parsons's mother says her daughter was sexually assaulted by four boys when she was 15 and a photograph from the incident was later circulated online.

Landry is pushing to make it a Criminal Code offence to distribute intimate pictures of another person online. Wyant said Saskatchewan supports Landry.

"This was a particular item that we just think needs immediate attention," Wyant said.

"There are some provisions in the Criminal Code — criminal harassment, those kind of things — which tend to cover it, but  we don't think they're specific enough."

As for the penalties for cyberbullying, Wyant wants to hear from the federal justice minister. The provincial justice ministers will be meeting tomorrow.