U of R academic vice-president Thomas Chase says applicants from Alberta have doubled.

Despite an increase in Alberta applicants, Saskatchewan students who want to attend the University of Regina will not be negatively impacted, an official says.

Cuts to Alberta's post-secondary education system have created a spike in applicants to Saskatchewan universities.

At the U of R, applications from Alberta students have doubled this year, officials say.

However, according to the university's academic vice president Thomas Chase, this won't impact Saskatchewan students.

"No Saskatchewan student would be excluded from admission because we are taking students from other jurisdictions including Alberta," he said.

The U of R is increasing recruitment efforts in Alberta, he said.

"In the Calgary region we have invested about $25,000 of advertising in C-Trains and on billboards," Chase said.

Meanwhile, the University of Saskatchewan is expecting 500 Alberta students this year, a 10 per cent increase from last year.