The animated children's series Wapos Bay, produced with support from Saskatchewan's film tax credit, has been honoured at a film festival. (Wapos Bay/YouTube)

An animated children series produced in Saskatchewan, with support from the province's Film Employment Tax Credit program, has been honoured by the International Family Film Festival, in Los Angeles.

Wapos Bay, Long Goodbyes, won in the category best foreign animation.

The awards were announced Sunday.

According to Saskatchewan's public accounts documents, the animated children's series has received about $1.7 million in support from the film tax credit, from 2006 to 2011.

One of the producers, Anand Ramayya of KarmaFilm, recently lamented the government's decision to end the tax credit.

In a news release about the award, the series director mentioned the high calibre of Saskatchewan talent involved in the show.

"It is an incredible honour to receive such a prestigious award," Dennis Jackson said. "It just shows what a Saskatchewan-produced television show can achieve with a talented cast and crew."

The series is broadcast on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) and co-produced with the National Film Board of Canada.

In addition to provincial tax credits, the program has been supported by funds from the cable television industry and the NFB.

On Wednesday a group of people concerned about the future of Saskatchewan's film and television industry, in light of the tax credit cut, delivered a sack of some 8,000 signed cards petitioning the government to reconsider the move.