Saskatchewan has sent a team of RCMP divers to help with the flood in Alberta.

The RCMP said Monday the team will assist with underwater searches of homes too deeply flooded to thoroughly check for victims or survivors. 

"There is a segment of homes in High River that are too deeply flooded to check for survivors, people, pets," Cpl. Colette Zazulak said.

"So, this team is going to be using their equipment to dive into the homes and go through them."

Another RCMP water rescue team and its equipment, has been brought in from B.C. to help with water searches on the flooded rivers and streams.

As well, two RCMP logistics experts have arrived from Manitoba to pitch in. 

Meanwhile, the Saskatchewan government is also sending a team of six advisors to help establish disaster centres in Canmore and Calgary.

The centres will serve as drop-in locations where people can get information about applying for disaster assistance.