Months of protest culminating in political change has prompted a delegation of Canadians to visit Ukraine.

Saskatchewan Conservative Senator Raynell Andreychuk will be part of a Canadian delegation of political and community leaders travelling to Ukraine to assess the situation in that country.

Ukraine has been through tumultuous political times in recent weeks.

The delegation is expected to learn more about the move to a transitional government for Ukraine and explore Canada's role in supporting change.

"We want to meet as many of the political party heads to encourage them to work towards a compromise and a peaceful compromise," Andreychuk told CBC Radio Host Craig Lederhouse Wednesday. "The protests led to a change and we want to ... support the people in this movement. It is their victory."

The delegation of parliamentarians and Ukrainian Canadians is being led by Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird.

Andreychuk is of Ukrainian heritage. She also took part in a Canadian group that was in Ukraine for the country's elections in 2012.

"We hope this is a new era," Andreychuk said of the changes taking place in Ukraine. "And we want to support the new era."