Gerry and Diana Nagy are back home after running in the Boston Marathon. They both finished their races before two bombs exploded. (CBC)

Saskatchewan runners Gerry and Diana Nagy returned home Tuesday vowing to continue competing in marathons despite the tragic bombings in Boston, where they ran on Monday.

After touching down in Regina, the couple said they were still planning to run in the Chicago Marathon.

Still, Gerry Nagy said what happened in Boston will be on his mind at upcoming events.

Diana Nagy said the mood in Boston, just prior to their leaving, was sombre and security at the airport was super tight.

She said authorities also spoke to them, as runners in the event, to help the investigation.

"We were questioned a couple times before we left," Nagy said. "Anybody that had run the Boston, they wanted to know where we were and if we had any photos."

The Nagys had both completed the race before the explosions hit.

In Saskatoon, Brainsport runners, who get together Wednesdays, will dedicate their next run to victims of the bombings in Boston.

"It really hit home," Brainsport runner Brian Michasiw said Tuesday. "I felt like the attack was against me and my people."

Also, in May, during the Saskatchewan Marathon, a special program is being prepared to honour the victims.