Boston strong national guard marathon apr 21 2014

A Saskatchewan runner, Paul Duperreault from Wilcox, says there was a positive mood at the Boston Marathon. (Andrew Burton/Getty)

Saskatchewan runner Paul Duperreault says he had a good experience at the 2014 Boston Marathon, encountering positive spirits despite the tragedy of a year ago.

Duperreault, 46, also competed in the 2013 race. He had already finished his marathon and was in his hotel when two bomb blasts went off.

The medical lab assistant, from Wilcox, Sask., said he was determined to compete again, this year.

"I just wanted to be a part of supporting them and making sure that we take back that finish line," Duperreault said Monday.

"There was actually way more people this year in the crowd than last year," he added. "Everyone was in a great mood, great spirit. And we knew it was going to be safe."

Dupereault finished with a time of three hours, 22 minutes and 50 seconds, shaving more than 10 minutes off his previous time and good enough to qualify for next year's race.

He said he hopes to take part again.

Monday's race was the 118th Boston Marathon. The security presence was increased due to the two bombs that were detonated at the finish line last year, killing three people and injuring more than 260 others.