A plane is being outfitted with gear to convert it to an air ambulance after an existing plane was recently damaged.

On Jan. 3 one of the province's air ambulance planes, a King Air 200, was landing at Maple Creek's airport when the left-hand landing gear hit deep snow. The plane veered left, bumped into a windrow and the landing gear in the nose of the aircraft collapsed.

The nose and propellers were damaged, but the pilot and two passengers were OK. The government said Tuesday that no patients were on board the plane at the time of the accident.

The province said an insurance claim would be made on the damaged plane.

In the meantime, it announced Tuesday that an old plane in the government's air ambulance fleet would be retrofitted with specialized equipment from the damaged plane.

The conversion was expected to be completed by Saturday.

"The converted aircraft will transport patients who require medical care," a spokesman for the health ministry said in a news release.