Bryce Wolaniuk (left) and his father Morgan said there was no indication anyone on the plane was sick on the way home from Mexico. ((CBC))

A planeload of Saskatchewan residents returned from Mexico on the weekend — with some saying the swine flu outbreak was not causing them a lot of anxiety.

Among dozens who arrived at Regina airport from Cancun on Sunday were Bryce Wolaniuk and his father Morgan Wolaniuk.

There didn't appear to be anyone sick on the plane and the flu outbreak wasn't a major topic of conversation, said Morgan Wolaniuk, who has been following the story in the media.

"I think it's been a bit overblown," he said.

Among those who emerged from Sunwing Airlines Flight 586 was a woman with a face mask.


Back from Mexico, Shaneen Cooper said she was getting mixed messages about the flu. ((CBC))

Also on the flight, believed to be one of the last of the recent spring charters of Saskatchewan vacationers, was Shaneen Cooper, who said she's healthy and as far as she knows no one at her resort became ill.

After hearing that some Saskatchewan employers are taking precautions, Cooper plans to call her workplace before returning to work, she said.

"I know a couple of people that I went with, their work told them that they should be off, that they weren't going to let them back at work for two or three days … just to make sure, I guess, nothing will happen," she said.

Finding accurate information while travelling was a challenge, Cooper said.

"We heard that it only affected young people, old people, then only people in their 20s, then you weren't supposed to wash your hands because that made it worse, then you were supposed to wash your hands," she said.

"It was ridiculous, we heard so much … from everybody, everybody had something different to say. So you never knew what to believe."

Canada's chief medical health officer said tourists returning from Mexico who feel fine do not need to see a doctor. People are also being encouraged to wash their hands and cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing.

Saskatchewan hasn't had a single case of swine flu, also known as H1N1 flu, but across Canada there have been more than 100 cases.