Dr. Darius Tsatsi, seen here during a news conference in July 2009, may not practise in Saskatchewan until he can prove his skills. ((CBC))

A Saskatchewan doctor whose work in radiology was found lacking cannot practise until he meets qualification standards, the College of Physicians and Surgeons for the province says.

Dr. Darius Tsatsi's interpretations of thousands of X-rays, CT scans and other diagnostic tests were questioned in May 2009.

It led to a review, still underway, of 70,000 test results and an examination of his qualifications by the college, the body that oversees doctors.

Tsatsi voluntarily stepped down from his medical practice when the concerns about his work were raised.

He also did not renew his licence at the beginning of January.

"He has been through a very long process," Michelle Ouelette, Tsatsi's laywer, explained to reporters on Friday. "And just was wanting to take a break I think."

Tsatsi did not attend Friday's meeting of the college.

Most of Tsatsi's diagnostic work was performed in the Sunrise Health Region, which includes Yorkton in east-central Saskatchewan.

Officials there said that as of Friday morning, 39,711 tests had been reviewed. So far, new interpretations have been noted in about two per cent of cases.

Patients affected by the review are being contacted and told of the outcome of the second look.