Saskatchewan's Public Interest Disclosure Commissioner says the office has received many calls from public servants complaining about issues at work, but none fit the category of "wrongdoing."

Janet Mirwaldt released her first annual report Thursday in which she encouraged people to come forward if they experience or see examples of mismanagement at work.

The report states that 15 inquiries were received during the time between Feb. 9, 2012 to March 31, 2013, none of which were wrongdoings as defined under The Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA).

"A wrongdoing may include an unlawful act, a substantive and specific danger to persons or the environment, gross mismanagement of public funds or assets, official misconduct, improper administration, waste of public funds or assets, counseling to commit a wrongdoing, or reprisals," states the report. 

Despite the fact that the cases were not considered to be wrongdoings, people who filed the inquiries were provided with advice on how to resolve their concerns.

The report also states 20 per cent of the inquiries reported came from the health care sector, which may include issues involving procurement or matters that pose a risk to patients or public health.

The commissioner points out that currently there is no jurisdiction over the health care sector beyond the Ministry of Heath —the report recommends PIDA expand to protect workers in this sector to include health authorities.