Between April 1 and July 1, Saskatchewan saw a net population increase of 1,524 through natural increase (births minus deaths). People coming here from outside the province raised the total population increase to 5,444. (CBC )

Saskatchewan's population has jumped by a record-setting amount, according to the latest three-month statistics.

Between April 1 and July 1, the population grew to 1,057,884, an increase of 5,444.

According to the provincial government, that's the biggest three-month increase since Statistics Canada began keeping quarterly records.

The new Saskatchewanians include 1,524 through natural increase (births minus deaths), 1,239 people moving from other provinces, and 2,681 coming from other countries.

The provinces that are sending Saskatchewan more people than they take in include Ontario (641), Alberta (423) and Manitoba (147).

Premier Brad Wall, whose Saskatchewan Party government goes to the polls November 7, said the big increase was a sign of a strong economy and said Saskatchewan is on track to have 1.1 million people by the year 2015.