The government of Saskatchewan is sending a message of support and $60,000 to help people in Ukraine.

Deputy Premier Ken Krawetz said Tuesday the money will go to humanitarian assistance in Ukraine. Opposition and government members of the legislature also supported sending a message of condolences to people who have lost family members in the conflict in Ukraine.

"I recognize the hard work that the Ukrainian-Canadian community and the Ukrainian Canadian Congress are doing in helping Ukraine on the path to prosperity, freedom and democracy," Krawetz said Tuesday.  "We look forward to continuing our work with Ukrainian community organizations and the federal government in order to provide long-term support to the people of Ukraine."

Ukrainian Connections

13.5% of people in Sask. claim Ukrainian ancestry


14,935 claim Ukrainian as their mother tongue
Saskatoon's twin city in Ukraine is Chernivtsi
The Great Arrival: 1881 - 1914

An estimated 170,000 Ukrainians settle in Canada

From 1921 - 1931, the number of Ukrainians in Saskatchewan grows from 28,507 to 50,700

Ukrainian dancing is still a strong tradition in Saskatchewan
from Saskatchewan
Ray Hnatyshyn (b. 1934, Saskatoon)

former Governor General of Canada, deceased 2002

Roy Romanow (b. 1939, Saskatoon)

former Premier of Saskatchewan

Sylvia Fedoruk (b. 1927, Canora)

physicist, curler, former Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, deceased 2012

Ken Krawetz (b. 1951, Canora)

deputy premier of Saskatchewan

Source: Statistics Canada
Infographic by Andre Mougeot/CBC