Saskatoon polilce Const. Roy Rodgers was fined $1000 after being convicted of impaired driving.

A Saskatoon police constable has been handed a $1000 fine and banned from driving for a year following a drunk driving conviction.

Const. Roy Rodgers was charged more than a year ago after fellow officers found him behind the wheel of a parked car while off-duty.

Last month Provincial court Judge Stan Loewen found Rodgers guilty of having the care and control of a vehicle while impaired. The judge also found police deliberately botched the investigation of the case.

Court heard that Rodgers, who was off duty at the time, had been driving erratically before coming to a stop in a Saskatoon parking lot in the early morning of May 24, 2009.

However, the 13-year police veteran was found not guilty of driving with a blood alcohol level over the legal limit because a fellow officer took too long to administer a breath test, Loewen ruled. The judge said the investigating officer conducted a "flawed investigation" and did so deliberately by waiting 47 minutes before administering a breathalyzer test.

Rodgers' lawyer has said he will appeal the conviction because the trial judge rejected testimony by one of the investigating officers.

Rodgers has been on medical leave since last year and, pending appeal, faces a police disciplinary review.