Regina mayor

The Global Transportation Hub is on the west edge of Regina. (Danny Kresnyak)

Saskatchewan's Opposition wants to know if the public is getting its money's worth from the Global Transportation Hub outside of Regina.

The hub is often described as an inland port where goods can be loaded from warehouses onto trucks and trains for shipping.

But the Opposition, including NDP MLA Trent Wotherspoon, said the big investor in the project seems to be the government.

"There's tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars that have been invested in related highways infrastructure," Wotherspoon said. "We need to make sure that that's quantified within the business case."

Bill Boyd, Saskatchewan's economy minister, said the government spending on the hub is just a fraction of what private companies have invested.

"Private sector investment of this type is very significant, I think a half a billion dollars and growing fairly significantly," Boyd said. "We were way above budget in terms of that growth in the last year."

Boyd said the government has invested about $40 million on the hub.