A Saskatchewan man has pleaded guilty after he was charged with illegally shooting a moose and leaving it to waste.

The incident happened in April, on private land near the village of Alvena, northeast of Saskatoon.

Conservation officers got a tip about a moose that had been shot, with only the hindquarters removed. Beside the pregnant cow was her dead calf.

Officers also noticed a car had been stuck in the field nearby at some point. After talking with landowners, conservation officers were able to get a description of a green car and the people who had asked for help getting it out of the field.

With that information, officers got a search warrant and collected evidence from the trunk of a car.

Glen Paintednose of the One Arrow First Nation has pleaded guilty to unlawful hunting and waste of edible game under the Saskatchewan Wildlife Act.

He was fined $4,998 and his gun was forfeited to the Crown.

cow moose and her unborn calf

In April, the non-profit organizations Sasktip asked for the public's help to catch the poachers who did this. A Saskatchewan man has pleaded guilty and been fined $4,998. (Sasktip/Facebook)