A Saskatchewan man living in Boston tells CBC News the streets are empty in the city Friday morning.  

This following a police manhunt for one of the two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings.


The Boston Marathon bombing suspect in the black hat has been killed during a shootout with police, while the suspect in the white hat is at large. (FBI/Reuters)

Earlier Friday morning, the other suspect was killed by police in a shootout that followed a robbery and carjacking.

Bud Sambasivam moved to Boston several year ago with his family to study at Harvard University.

Take a listen to what he told the CBC's Sheila Coles Friday on the Morning Edition.

In a second interview, former Saskatoon resident Gina Beck, who's been living near Boston for almost 20 years, tells the CBC's Leisha Grebinski she's heartsick about what's happening in the city.