The Saskatchewan Legislature has eight new pieces of art on display to mark the 100th anniversary of its building.

The pieces are all made by local artists and were revealed on Wednesday night — they include stone, clay and ink drawings.

Each of the artists had 10 months to finish their piece, destined for one of the eight alcoves in the Rotunda area.

"Every time I walked up to this building I was just amazed that this was my studio space," said Laura Hale, one of the artists involved in the project. She added that she's sad to see it come to an end.

Hale said people have responded well to the vision of each artist.

"Everybody loves the diversity, they love how each artist, you know, really interpreted their vision of a 100 year celebration," she said.

For more information about each artist, you can find their profiles on the government's artist-in-residence page.