Sask. lawyer wins $14 million lottery prize

After two months of silence, Saskatchewan's most recent lottery winner is cashing in Wednesday.

After two months of silence, Saskatchewan's most recent lottery winner is letting people know he hit the jackpot.

Donald Worme won the 6-49 draw for $14,797,843 at the end of August, after buying his ticket at a Fas Gas station just outside Saskatoon. The win was announced to the public on Wednesday.

Worme, a prominent Saskatchewan lawyer, said when he realized he won, his son didn't believe him at first. 

"I begged him. I said, 'Please just go and check,'" explained Worme. "So he goes in and comes out and he writes them on his hand. And he's looking at it on his hand and he's comparing it to the numbers. And he looks at me and he says, 'Yup. It's a bingo.'"

It's the eleventh biggest lottery win in Saskatchewan history, and the second biggest this year.

"You see the commercials on TV. Maybe you're on a boat and you're not working, you're retired and all sorts of things. I've gone through that in my mind and I don't think that's for me," said Worme. 

He says he's not sure yet what he'll do with the money, but that he is planning to spend some of it supporting youth charities in the province.


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