The four Saskatchewan women responsible for starting the Idle No More movement more than a year ago are being honoured for their contribution. 

Sylvia McAdam, Nina Wilson, Jessica Gordon and Sheelah McLean are part of the 100 people to be named the leading global thinkers of 2013 by Foreign Policy magazine. 

"There are many organizers that have done just a courageous job of moving Idle No More forward and continuing to be moved forward globally," said McAdam. 

She said she's proud to be part of the impressive group of people chosen by the publication. 

"I'm humbled. Seeing the list of amazing people, I'm honoured." said McAdam. 

Others selected as the top 100 include Pope Francis, Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

McAdam will join others on the list at a conference and ceremony in Washington tomorrow.