A Saskatchewan hockey player kicked out of a game for fighting was then attacked in the shower by a man wielding a hockey stick, RCMP said Friday.

According to the RCMP, two men fought and were ejected from an Adult Safe Hockey League game at the Sherwood twin arenas, just east of Regina, on Wednesday night.

They were sent to the showers to cool off, but while one man showered, another came in and assaulted him with a hockey stick, RCMP said.

The 22-year-old victim suffered a large cut on his head and was taken to a Regina hospital.

Referee Brad Gettle was on the ice when the fight broke out.

He said he had sent one player to the penalty box and the other to the dressing room.

Then the player in the box left and followed the other player, he said.

Gettle didn't see the alleged assault, but he saw the aftermath.

"When he had opened the door holding his head he was in a towel, he had sandals on and he had blood all over him," Gettle said.

"Almost 30 years I've been associated with hockey, I've never seen anything like it."

The attacker left the scene, but police know who he is, they said.

At the time of the assault, two games were being played at the arena.

The investigation continues, police said.