The provincial government says there will be better liability protection for local firefighters and departments as a result of its revamped fire safety law.

Duane McKay, the provincial fire commissioner, was at a ceremony to launch 'Fire Prevention Week' across Saskatchewan on Monday.

Asked whether the province's updated legislation might prevent the kind of tragedy that happened earlier this year — when two children died in a house fire on a First Nation after a neighbouring volunteer fire department refused to respond in the wake of unpaid bills — McKay said that neighbours will still need to find a way to work together.

However, McKay, says the new law will protect firefighters who act in "good faith."

"Of course that doesn't mean that they won't still have challenges working with their neighbours, you know the 'paid bills' that's still a local issue," McKay said. "But they won't be legally liable for acts that are taken in good faith."

The provincial government says the updates to its fire safety legislation will come into effect later this fall.