Flu clinics are to open across Saskatchewan on Tuesday.

Saskatchewan flu shot clinics will open Tuesday with a vaccine that includes protection against the H1N1 virus.

Last year, federal, provincial and municipal governments spent an estimated $1 billion on a massive public vaccination campaign to protect Canadians against H1N1, a new virus that killed 428 Canadians. In a normal year, an average of 4,000 Canadians die of regular flu-related complications.

This year, protection against the H1N1 strain is rolled into the seasonal flu vaccine, which is being offered free across the province.

In Saskatoon, there are about 70 clinic locations, with Prairieland Park being a major site.

The Saskatoon health region is encouraging everyone to get the shot, but officials want to start with people considered to be at high risk.

Children six months to four years old, adults with compromised immune systems, seniors over 65 and pregnant women are encouraged to get vaccinated.

Pregnant woman are encouraged to visit a clinic Wednesday, and children should get shots Thursday. After that, everyone is urged to get the shot.

Regina's flu clinic also begins Tuesday at the armory. Rural areas across the province will also be holding flu clinics.