Firefighters have put out at least18 fires, leaving more than 100 burning across the province. ((CBC))

Northern Saskatchewan is struggling with more than 100 forest fires that have forced the evacuation of at least 1,800 people from five communities, as well as campers and cottagers.

Several communities in the La Ronge area are facing real or potential threats from the fires, many of which have grown rapidly since a dry thunderstorm last Thursday.

"The biggest challenges we have is extreme burning conditions due to the dry, windy conditions we have," Steve Roberts of Saskatchewan Environment told CBC News on Tuesday. "We don't see a reprieve in the near future.

"To add to that situation we have enough buildup that we get occasional lightning that we still have to address before they become big fires."

Three of the blazescover more than1,000 square kilometres.



While provincial resources are scarce due to the demands,aircraft and volunteers have flown in from Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick to join in the fight.

Heavy smoke and some new outbreaksprompted a complete evacuation of the community of Stanley Mission on Monday. The communities of Grandmother's Bay, Waddin Bay, Englishman's Bay and Sucker River have also been affected.

About 800 firefighters, backed by helicopters, air tankers and bulldozers, hadextinguished 18 fires by Monday afternoon, leaving 109 burning across the province.

Many evacuees are staying at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon.