Craig and Lorna MacDonald wore $20 million smiles Thursday as they spoke about their lottery win. ((CBC))

A Carrot River couple has become Saskatchewan's latest lottery millionaires.

Craig and Lorna MacDonald won $20 million in the Jan. 23 Lotto 6/49 draw.

Craig MacDonald, 51, told reporters in Saskatoon on Thursday that he bought the ticket at the Carrot River Pharmacy and found out he had won when he went back to buy another ticket a week later.

"Actually, I went to check my tickets and reinvest for the next draw," Craig explained. When the clerk scanned the ticket and told him he had won "a lot of money," he thought it was $100.

Another clerk chimed in and said it was a much larger amount: $20 million.

"I said, 'Yeah. Right. Sure,'" said MacDonald, who works at the local Co-Op store.

"I didn't believe it for a while," MacDonald said. "But after a few minutes they called the lottery hotline and they confirmed it. So I started to believe." 

'Somebody is playing a joke.' —Lottery winner Lorna MacDonald 

MacDonald was the only person to pick the game's winning six numbers: 29, 35, 36, 38, 41 and 43 for the Saturday draw.

He said his wife also took some time to believe the news. He caught up with her at her workplace at the town credit union soon after leaving the pharmacy.

"I said somebody is playing a joke," Lorna MacDonald, 50, said in describing her initial reaction. "They probably printed it up on a computer. He's got a few friends that would do that."

When asked how she feels, she replied: "It's hard to express. I'm shaking. It's wonderful."

"We'll have fun spending it," she added.

The MacDonalds said they haven't made definite plans for their money but they hope to travel and perhaps buy a few "toys."

Cabin may be fixed up

One idea they have is to fix up their summer cabin, a project that has been on their to-do list. "I've been putting it off for three years, so I guess it will become a reality now," Craig MacDonald said.

Carrot River is a town of about 1,000, about 320 kilometres northeast of Saskatoon.