Sask. community coldest place in Canada

With several communities seeing -40 C or lower in the morning, northern Saskatchewan was one of the coldest places on Earth on Monday.

Mercury dips to -45 C in Uranium City

With several communities seeing -40 C or lower in the morning, northern Saskatchewan was one of the coldest places on Earth on Monday.

Certainly, it was the coldest place in Canada, according to Environment Canada. In the community of Uranium City, the low Monday morning was -45, a record.

Also hitting -40 was La Ronge (-40) and Key Lake (-41.3). Only slightly warmer was Southend, where the low was -39.7 and Spiritwood, where it dropped to -39.3 on Monday.

Records for Dec. 30 were set in Uranium City, Meadow Lake (-36.5) and Nipawin (-36.6).

Mid-morning, various sources on the internet pointed to Yellowknife (-41) and Khatanga, Russia (-43) as being some of the colder places on the planet.

In relatively balmy Regina, the mercury dipped to -27.9 in the morning. Saskatoon had it worse, with a low temperature of -30.9 and an icy wind that made it feel like -40.


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