A Regina chocolate shop, which bears the name Bernard Callebaut, is independent of the Calgary-based company. ((CBC))

Three chocolate shops in Saskatchewan are not affected by the Bernard Callebaut company falling into receivership, even though they share same name, the local owners say.

The Calgary-based Callebaut company began its wind-up process earlier in the summer after encountering financial difficulties.

In Regina, the owner of the Chocolates By Bernard Callebaut shop in the city's Cathedral district told CBC News his store is independent of the Calgary operation.

"Bernard is my supplier. That's all he is to me," David Loblaw told CBC News. "My company, Chocolate Regina Limited, is completely, legally, corporately and financially separate from his company."

Loblaw noted his supply of chocolates remains secure, as the receiver for Bernard Callebaut has kept the manufacturing plant open.

"The factory is still running [and] in full production," Loblaw said. "The receiver must have looked at it and said this is a viable business that can be either restructured or sold."

Loblaw said he happened to be away on a summer holiday when news of the Bernard Callebaut receivership broke.

Calling it a "weird coincidence", Loblaw said the fact his shop was closed led to some confusion among customers.

"In the first day the news was pretty dire because a lot of information wasn't out there," Loblaw said. "So I got really scared because people would hear the news and go by my store and see [the sign] 'Closed For Holidays'."

Loblaw said that in the retail sector, some people interpret closed for the holidays as meaning a shop may actually be shutting down for good.

"[However] that was our regularly scheduled holiday," Loblaw said. "Just odd timing."

He said that, for his store, business is thriving.

"The demand is insatiable here. Especially in Southern Saskatchewan," Loblaw said. "They always say chocolate is recession proof and this, in Regina, it proved that."

In Saskatoon there are two stores that also use the Bernard Callebaut name and products. They too are independent and remain open.