The Saskatchewan legislative assembly adjourned on May 20 and will be back on Oct. 27 for the fall session. ((CBC))

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says he's preparing to shuffle his cabinet — and it'll probably be sooner rather than later.

Wall told CBC News this week he is "leaning strongly" toward making those changes in the next two weeks, not waiting until the fall session.

"If there are new ministers or ministers with different duties, the more time the better both to get ready for the planning over the summer and also to get ready for the fall session," Wall said.

There is just one more fall session, which begins Oct. 27, and one more spring budget before the next general provincial election, which is set for Nov. 7, 2011.

Wall said it will probably be the last cabinet shuffle before the election. Some of his cabinet decisions will be shaped by who's running again and who might need the boost that a high-profile cabinet job can give, he said.

The Oppositon NDP, meanwhile, is also pondering the shuffle and is hoping for a few demotions. NDP leader Dwain Lingenfelter says he'd like to see Health Minister Don McMorris replaced, for sure.

"We identified numerous health issues, whether it was the kidney transplant program being shut down or the long waiting lists or doctor shortages," he said.

Lingenfelter says the finance and environment ministers, Rod Gantefoer and Nancy Heppner, respectively, should also be replaced: Gantefoer for running a budget deficit and Heppner for a plan to sell off protected land.