Beavers are burdening rural areas of the province, and now the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities is looking for solutions — including the restoration of funding for a program cut in the last provincial budget.

Beaver numbers have boomed to a point of overpopulation and the critters have been destroying infrastructure, according to several municipalities.

At the association's midterm convention in Regina on Tuesday and Wednesday, two of the matters on the agenda touched on the nuisance beavers are creating in rural areas.

Baby Beavers

SARM says beavers and the structures they build can lead to road and property flooding. (Neil Cochrane/CBC)

"Problem beavers" and the structures they build can lead to road and property flooding, according to the SARM website.

In response, the association created a beaver steering committee, representing a coalition of rural municipalities, associations and government.

At its conference, the association tabled a resolution calling for the restoration of funding for the Beaver Management in Provincial Parks program, which was cut from this year's budget.

It also called for a special permit to control nuisance wildlife within a specific distance of threatened fields or infrastructure.

SARM hopes the government will restore funding for the beaver management program in the 2018-2019 budget.