A non-profit organization, Salthaven West, has become the newest wildlife rescue centre after opening its doors in Regina.

Since April, the organization's Megan Lawrence has cared for about 100 animals that were injured or found, as babies, and unable to fend for themselves.

"Our goal is to release healthy animals back into the wild," Lawrence told CBC News Tuesday. "The animals that come into us are either too young or too sick to care for themselves."

There are rehabilitation centres for wildlife in Moose Jaw and Saskatoon which used to care for animals from the Regina area. In the past, however, the travel distance sometimes took a toll.

With Salthaven West now open, there is another place to take sick and injured wildlife. It is also the first licensed rehabilitation centre in Regina, Lawrence added, which means it has a permit for what is being done.

"We take in reptiles, mammals and birds," she said. "It's a very busy day, from about 7 a.m. to midnight is when my day ends."