Ruts frustrating Saskatoon drivers

It's rut season in Saskatoon — bad news for winter drivers in the city.
Ruts in snow-clogged streets are a common source of frustration for winter drivers in Saskatoon. (Peter Mills/CBC)

It's rut season in Saskatoon — bad news for winter drivers in the city.

Ruts are long grooves worn into snow-packed roads and in some cases, getting from A to B means driving in them.

On some streets, there's a traffic hazard created when only one set of ruts forms.

Some ruts are more than six inches (15 centimetres) deep. (Peter Mills/CBC)

Eunice Calyniuk, who lives in a particular rut-prone area on the corner of 9th Street and Dufferin Avenue, says driving is becoming more dangerous. 

"The road situation is absolutely horrible," she said.

"I've seen it all. People are getting stuck, people are frustrated, people are bottoming out. The cars are going through hell."

In some spots, the ruts are about 15 centimetres (about six inches) deep.

Another driver, Jackie Hunchak, says it's a problem when cars have to stop at opposite ends of the block, waiting for their turn in the ruts.

"It's like going through a car wash. You're in those ruts and, good Lord, you're not coming out of them," she said.

With snow continuing to fall, the ruts are getting worse.

However, the city won't consider cleaning residential streets until those ruts are at least 15 centimetres deep.