Russian Standard vodka

Premier Brad Wall is mulling a move to ban Russian vodka from Saskatchewan government liquor stores. (Russian Standard vodka website)

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is considering a move to pull Russian vodka off the government store shelves.

Wall says a Saskatchewan Liquor Board ban on Russian alcohol would send a message about what that country is doing in Ukraine.

"We can send a small signal about what Saskatchewan thinks about Russian aggression in Ukraine," Wall told reporters in Regina.
"I think Manitoba is thinking about the same thing with respect to de-listing some products, but again we want to do it in the context of what Canada's doing."

The Russian government has moved to annex Crimea, part of Ukraine, following
a hastily arranged referendum in the region on Sunday.

That followed the incursion of armed soldiers, believed to be from Russia, into Crimea.

Canada has condemned the activities and says the referendum has no legitimacy.   

Wall says there are surprisingly few products actually from Russia in government liquor stores.

It's believed the only one, in fact, is Russian Standard vodka.

Wall says he should have a decision on whether or not to pull the product from Saskatchewan store shelves by early next week.

About 14 per cent of the people in Saskatchewan claim Ukrainian ancestry.

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Ukrainian Connections

13.5% of people in Sask. claim Ukrainian ancestry


14,935 claim Ukrainian as their mother tongue
Saskatoon's twin city in Ukraine is Chernivtsi
The Great Arrival: 1881 - 1914

An estimated 170,000 Ukrainians settle in Canada

From 1921 - 1931, the number of Ukrainians in Saskatchewan grows from 28,507 to 50,700

Ukrainian dancing is still a strong tradition in Saskatchewan
from Saskatchewan
Ray Hnatyshyn (b. 1934, Saskatoon)

former Governor General of Canada, deceased 2002

Roy Romanow (b. 1939, Saskatoon)

former Premier of Saskatchewan

Sylvia Fedoruk (b. 1927, Canora)

physicist, curler, former Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, deceased 2012

Ken Krawetz (b. 1951, Canora)

deputy premier of Saskatchewan

Source: Statistics Canada