The Royal Regina Golf course has been at its present location on the west side of the city since 1901. (Google Street View)

A tax break for the Royal Regina Golf Club may be in the rough following a meeting of the city's finance committee, which is recommending the benefit end.

The semi-private club, which has membership fees of up to $2,575 per season, had gone to the city looking for a break on its taxes.

It sought a reduction on its anticipated $82,477 property tax bill for 2014. The club requested council reduce the mill rate for golf courses so that it would save $19,380.

The golf club noted it is the only non-city-owned course in Regina. The club that has been in the same location since 1901. As a semi-private club it allows the public to play without joining.

(Another course, the Wascana Golf & Country Club calls itself Regina's only private course, but most of that course is located southeast of the city limits in the rural municipality of Sherwood.)

The city administration recommended the Royal Regina's request be denied.

City council's finance and administration committee considered the matter Tuesday and decided against reducing the taxes.

That decision goes to a full meeting of council, which has final say.

In 2013, the club was successful asking for council to reduce its tax burden. It paid zero taxes that year, compared to $77,988 in 2012.