The Canadian Football League said Monday it will review a beer-throwing incident at Saturday night's game between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and B.C. Lions.

Some fans in Regina threw beer cans at B.C. players standing on the sidelines in the fourth quarter. B.C. won the game 27-21.

According to some B.C. players, an estimated 50 cans and plastic containers showered down from around the midfield stands at Mosaic Stadium.

The CFL said it will review videotape of the game and meet with both teams with a view to preventing similar behaviour in the future.

Since the incident, Roughrider fans have been voicing strong opinions about what happened.

Devin Heroux, who was in the east side of the stadium and near the action, told CBC News that the incident was prompted by a controversial call by referees.

"When they missed the blatant face-mask call, when you feel you've been robbed, you lash out," Heroux told CBC News on Monday.

He said that the Lions contributed to the squabble.

"They were mocking the fans, making uncalled-for gestures toward the fans," Heroux said. "B.C. today might be looking like CFL angels, the good boys of the CFL today, but that's not the case at all."

That sentiment is not shared by Jim Hopson, the president of the Roughriders. He called the fans' behaviour inexcusable.

Hopson said the team has already decided to change how liquor is sold at games.

"We'll go back to pouring beer into plastic cups on the east side," Hopson said when contacted on Monday.

The team will also review security, and Hopson said they will have more city police officers at their next game.